Coffee Bean

We specialise in exporting top quality Coffee Beans. The offered coffee is grown by experienced professionals in vast fertile lands. Our coffee is cleaned and processed using advanced equipments to provide pure and clean coffee to our customers.

Further the process of quality check is conducted after every product to ensure defect-free Coffee Beans to our customers.

Grading Specifications

These are the main grades of the four different types of coffee offered to international buyers.

Arabica Coffee
Washed Grade Sieve (mm)/Screen No. Unwashed Grade Sieve (mm)/Screen No.
Plantation PB - Arabica Cherry PB -
Plantation A 6.65/15/16 Arabica Cherry AB 6.00/15
Plantation B 6.00/15 Arabica Cherry C 5.50/14
Plantation C 5.50/14 - -
Robusta Coffee
Robusta Parchment PB - Robusta Cherry PB -
Robusta Cherry A 6.50/17 Robusta Cherry AA 7.10/18
Robusta Parchment AB 6.00/15 Robusta Cherry AB 6.00/15
Robusta Parchment C 5.50/14 Robusta Cherry C 5.50/14

Moisture Standards

Type of Coffee Moisture Level
Plantation 10%
Arabica Cherry 10.5%
Robusta Parchment 10%
Robusta Cherry 11%
Mysore Nuggets EB 9%-10%
Robusta Kaapi Royale 9%-10%
Monsooned Coffee 13%-14.5%

Packing Options

We generally offer:

  • 60 kg net Jute Bags with or without rope tying
  • 50 kg net Jute bags with or without rope tying
  • 30 kg net Jute bags with or without rope tying
  • 20 kg net jute bags with or without rope tying
  • Kuwaity style packing (10X5 kg bags in a 50 kg master bag, rope tied)
  • Custom packing as per the customer's requirements


Europe, US, Canada, Middle East and Australia