Cotton Yarn

A reliable one-stop home for various types of cotton yarn for varied applications like knitting, weaving, sewing, industrial and many more.

Having a strong foot-hold in various commodities and in raw cotton, we use our technical strength to procure the highest quality of Indian Cotton to make the best and internationally accepted Cotton Yarn with strategic alliance with factories set up with state-of-the-art machinery.

Indian Cotton we trade and use for Yarn:

  • Shankar-6 - With natural staple length of 28 to 29.5 mm and grown in the state of Gujarat, this white gold is accepted world-wide and the yarn made out of it is preferred for knitting applications as it gives the best lustre and softness to the fabric.
  • Mech-1 - Grown in the central part of India in the states of Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh, this cotton with staple length of 28 mm to 31 mm is widely accepted for knitting and weaving applications.
  • MCU-5 - This cotton grown largely in the state of Andhra Pradesh situated in the southern part of India is the most preferred cotton for weaving yarn for strength and the staple length is 30 to 32 mm.
  • J-34 - Cotton with short staple (25 to 27.5 mm) compared to other cotton referred above, is the most preferred cotton for making coarser count yarns in knitting and weaving applications, in both combed and carded.

Yarn we Export

Ring Spun Yarn in Single and multi-plied

  • Ne 16s to Ne 40s carded for knitting and weaving
  • Ne 16s to Ne 80s combed for knitting and weaving

Open End Yarn in single and multi-plied

  • Ne 8s to Ne 30s for knitting and weaving with varied strength

Compact Yarn

  • Ne 30s to Ne 80s for weaving
  • Make-to-order finer counts

Speciality Yarn

  • Cotton Yarn on ready for dyeing plastic perforated Cylindrical Dye Tubes and Cones
  • Combed Gassed and Mercerised Yarn
  • Zero Twist 80 PVA largely used for towels
  • CVC yarn in single and two ply yarn
  • Yarn on Jumbo cones of 5 kgs to suit carpet weaving requirement


Open End Yarn

Wound on cylindrical tubes with net weight of yarn from 1.5 kgs to 3 kgs based on buyer's requirement

Ring Spun Yarn

Wound on cones with net weight of yarn from 1.5 kgs to 2.5 kgs based on buyer's requirement

Each cylindrical tube/cone individually wrapped with plastic bags and finally packed in export seaworthy PP bags or min 5 ply cartons or Pallet (ISPM standard) packing as per buyer's requirement.


We export to Europe, Asia, Latin America and Middle East.