We export best quality wheat that is cleaned and processed before packing and transporting. Wheat varieties are called clean, white, or brown if they have high gluten content, and they are called soft or weak if gluten content is low. Harvested wheat grain that enters trade is classified according to grain properties for the purposes of the commodities market. Wheat buyers use the classifications to help determine which wheat to purchase as each class has special uses. We supply to our buyers according to their specific needs.


Indian Feed Wheat

Test weight 72kg/hl min
Moisture 13% max
Protein 11% min on dry basis
Vomitoxin 2 ppm max
Foreign Matter 2.5% max
Shrivelled / Shrunken / Broken 3% max (basis 2mm sieve)
Other Food Grains 1.5% max
Weevil/Bored 7% max
Damaged 10% max
Black Kernel 5% max

Indian Milling Wheat

Test weight 78kg/hl min
Moisture 12.5% max
Protein 11.5% min on dry basis
Foreign Matter 0.5% max
Gluten 26-27%% min
Other Food Grains 1% max
Falling Number 300 secs min
Damaged / Discoloured 1.5% max
Shrivelled / Shrunken / Broken Kernel 3% max


Jute and PP bags and as loose or bulk


Containers and bulk shipments


Middle East and SAARC Countries